Liberate yourself from procrastination to create a life and career you love

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Hi, I’m Tracey, I help people break the cycle of procrastination. For good.

Do you find yourself constantly doubting yourself and quitting on your goal? The good news is You can change that! And I can show you how.

Tracey is a warm, patient, completely non-judgemental, inspirational coach, who puts you at ease from the first; I’ve so enjoyed working with her – and have felt tangible benefits across my whole approach to life, from increased confidence to an enhanced sense of optimism about the future.

Kathryn G

Is this you?

  • I know I can achieve so much more, but I can’t work out what is stopping me from getting there
  • I have such good intentions, but the time just runs away from me and I don’t end up achieving anything – I end up feeling useless and lost
  • I spend half my life in frustration mode, unable to see the wood from the trees
  • I’ve tried so many times I might as well just give up now.

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Three myths about procrastination

You can’t define yourself as a ‘procrastinator’. Sometimes you might procrastinate, other times you might not. For every time you put off doing something you can find a hundred examples of when you took action straight away. There might be patterns to when you put off taking action and when you don’t which would be…

When preparation IS procrastination

Preparation is great, right? Fail to prepare = prepare to fail and all that. But be careful that your preparation isn’t becoming a form of procrastination itself. What do I mean by that? Buying books, making plans, booking training courses, researching jobs etc all make us feel like we’re making positive moves forward. But unless…

When consistency should be your only goal

What do you want to achieve? You’ve probably got something in mind – it could be work related, health related, relationship focused or money. Maybe you’ve written this goal down and created a plan. Maybe you’ve visualised your goal and are tracking your progress towards it. This is all great, but it can put a…

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