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Confused? Overwhelmed? Or maybe you’re just feeling underwhelmed with where your career is heading?

I know how confusing and frustrating it can be wondering how to move forward at work. Whether it is a complete career change or a desire to be happier where you currently work, I can help you get there!

It’s completely normal to feel this way and reaching out for support will be the first step to making the changes you are looking for.

As your coach I work with you to find the keys to your potential and leave you with the strategies you need to make your dreams a reality

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Hands up if you procrastinate! Hands up if you feel bad about procrastinating! What I want to offer you today is the question – what if procrastinating was ok? What if you could be gentle with yourself instead? As a human being we are programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain and that doesn’t alwaysContinue reading “Procrastination”

Freedom at work

Freedom and work have become a hot topic lately, with the physical office becoming a centrepiece of contention. But if you are someone who is craving more freedom at work, I’d ask you to get curious about what is within your control that can move you closer to that feeling? Some years ago before hybridContinue reading “Freedom at work”

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