My morning routine

In January 2020 I set a goal for myself, part of which was to work remotely, in the sunshine doing something I felt added value.

Part of this vision involved waking up and doing yoga every morning, no commute, no crowds, just a beautiful view over the sea, my laptop and a busy, fulfilling day ahead.

This dream felt like a long way off. Then March 2020 came along and I suddenly found myself with no option but to work from home… so did I embrace it? Did I fulfill my dream?

Like everyone I’ve had my ups and downs. Sometimes there’s yoga, sometimes there isn’t. I don’t have a view of the sea. I do, however, feel like I’m adding value. And I have settled into a morning routine that works for me…which looks something like this…

  • Shower, get dressed and head to the kitchen
  • Cup of tea, unload/reload the dishwasher
  • Take tea upstairs and settle into the sofa overlooking the trees and gardens from my top floor window
  • Ask myself the following question: What did you do yesterday that felt good and what feelings did you feel?
    • I write down each of these and spend some time really feeling those good feelings and let them take over my body. This might be ‘Happy’ or ‘Content’ or ‘Excited’ or ‘Proud’. I have a colour and texture for them all and I really let my body feel those good good feels.
  • I then rate myself out of five for how close I came to really living my top five values:
    • Positive
    • Reliable
    • Challenged
    • Silly
    • Experiencing life

And then I’m ready for my day. I’ve got a body full of good feelings and I’ve noticed whether I’m really living the life I want to live or not. No judgement, just noticing. Ready to live the day ahead.

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