Hello, I’m Tracey

My background is in project and programme management where I specialise in bringing order out of chaos and asking the right questions to unblock barriers and chart the right way forward, skills I now put to use with people instead of projects.

I was coaching myself for a long time and have always loved setting a goal, chasing it and achieving it. Then one day I seemed to run out of goals, somehow I’d run out of dreams and that was a shock.

I spent some time in a confused, unsure and unusual state of mind where I had to come to terms with being happy now and not chasing a future happiness. I didn’t like this. But it paid off.

While coaching myself to be happy, regardless of whether I was achieving a goal or not, a hidden dream that I had not dared even admit to myself kept popping up to say hello or give me a wave. Eventually I paid attention and gave a small wave back, then a quiet hello, then a little hug, and eventually a massive embrace…

I wanted to help other people achieve their dreams. I wanted to use what I’ve learnt coaching myself for so many years to coach others to both:

  • Be happy now, and
  • Achieve your wildest dreams

If you’d like to find out more about what I do and how it works book in for a free consultation: traceytaylorcoaching@gmail.com

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