Sewing your safety net

It is all very well to reach for your goal, to move towards your vision, but in doing this you’re going to need to take action. Many of these actions, even if successful might leave you feeling those same old feelings of fear, doubt, shame, confusion, insecurity etc.

Even if you reach for your goal and the response is positive you won’t be immune from many of these feelings. And if the initial response is negative then it will probably hit you hard, at least the first time and you might feel like you’re falling.

You need a safety net.

No one else can build this net for you. You can’t Google the answer and nobody else can see it together and hand it to you as a present.

It will take time but once you’ve built it you’ll be able to say “I’ve got this”. You’ll know how to move through to the other side. You’ll know your own coping mechanisms to manage the emotions that come up for you when you feel exposed, or if a huge barrier hurtles in your direction, or when disappointment threatens to derail you.

How do you start sewing this net? Consider this…

What do you know to be true that you can hold on to when things get scary? Here are some of mine:

  • Whatever emotion comes along won’t last forever
  • There are people out there waiting for me who need me
  • I WANT to see this through to the end
  • Everything I need is already inside me

These thoughts have to be true for you and feel GOOD. It can take time to develop this and you will need to keep sewing your net with new thoughts as you grow and develop. It can take time, but it will be soooo worth it.

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