How to get unstuck and LOVE your career!

It can be a confusing place when you’ve had a successful career, good promotions, you’ve built up a variety of experience and skills and then suddenly a brick wall appears, perhaps out of nowhere.

Maybe you didn’t get that promotion

Maybe your motivation has suddenly dropped off a cliff

Or you look at the path ahead of you with apathy instead of excitement

So what can you do?

I struggled with this for a long time, I felt like I was being pushed into a path that I didn’t want, at the same time feeling that what I was doing wasn’t having an impact.

I fought against this, largely in my own head – it’s not fair! I hate my job! It’s all pointless! Why am I doing this to myself? Etc, etc. It wasn’t fun.

I applied for loads of jobs that I didn’t actually want and, no surprise, didn’t get. I’d always been able to find a new job when I needed one, but suddenly that route seemed to have closed.

I did personality tests to find out what career I should have, but all they did was confirm what I knew about myself (well, considering I was the one filing them in, was that a surprise?!?)

I got frustrated, angry, anxious and depressed. It was not a great time of my life.

How did I turn it around?

I started truly focusing on myself and not the outside world.

What was I thinking that was causing me to feel so bad? What could I think differently that would make me feel better?

I did thought downloads daily. I listened to my thoughts and emotions, I really listened. No judgement, just listening.

This was HARD. Who knew it was so difficult to notice your own thoughts and feelings? We spend so much of our time trying to ignore them, scrolling social media, eating, drinking, but they’re always there whether we like it or not.

I began to accept that I was in a very frustrating position. I began to accept that the situation wasn’t going to change overnight. I began to accept that I had negative thoughts and feelings that needed to be acknowledged and worked through relating to this. And that those thoughts and feelings were ok to have.

I meditated.

I calmed down.

And then it all started to change…

I started to notice opportunities.

I calmly worked out a way to remove some of the work I was doing from my job

I was more open and honest with my manager

I started to notice the positive impact I was having at work

I started to enjoy my job

I started to look forward to going to work

The thing I never thought could possibly happen was there in front of me

I LOVED my job!

And then I worked out what I REALLY wanted to do with my life…which was a revelation!

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