What’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you from taking that next step in your career you’ve been thinking about?

I’ve seen many different reasons (excuses) explained to me in the past…

– Lack of confidence that you can do what’s required in the new role

– Fear of taking on a level of responsibility you’ve not had before (the buck stops with you!)

– Comparing yourselves to others and feeling you can’t match up

– Concern over increased workload and/or pressure

– The amount of time/money it would take to upskill

But in so many cases, gently questioning these fears and reflecting on whether they are true or not helps…


For instance, I’ve worked with people who are adamant they couldn’t do their manager’s job or couldn’t hold themselves in a Boardroom, who, under the slightest amount of gentle challenge admit they are already doing the things they are telling themselves they can’t do…

But whatever your reason is, take some time out to explore it, look at it, play with it and question it…

..the more familiar you get with it the less scary it can often become

And what if everything did work out?

…think about that too, give yourself a moment to dream, you might like what you see!

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