Career Confusion?

Your journey won’t be the same as everyone else’s

And it shouldn’t be

Your career path won’t be straightforward

You might look back at where you could have taken short cuts…or only see problems ahead…

You might look at others and wonder how they moved forward so effortlessly (spoiler: they didn’t, it just looks like that from the outside)…

You might rue a missed opportunity or wonder where a different path would have taken you.

But you will get there

If you are feeling confused in your career right now, you might want to consider…

  • Uncertainty is guaranteed. It doesn’t mean something has gone wrong.
  • The meaning of career success changes over time, both within society and on an individual basis.
  • Review your own values and what’s important for you. This can change and might surprise you!
  • Learn from other people’s career paths and progression, but don’t judge your own path against this. Take the learnings, leave the judgement behind.
  • Your next promotion won’t make you a happier person, you are allowed to be happy regardless

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