Let’s talk about boundaries

This is a common theme with many of my coaching clients…

How do you set boundaries at work?

How do you keep them in place?

Are boundaries actually helpful or just a buzzword?

Let’s start at the beginning and look at what might stop you from even considering them…


What kind of boundaries am I talking about?

– leaving work and separating it from home life

– not taking on someone else’s work on top of your own

– saying ‘no’ if it’s not in your job description

– Committing to family time

– Taking holidays

– Telling colleagues when you need to be working and not joining in the office chat


There’s often a misconception when setting boundaries that you’re doing something selfish, which creates a huge amount of guilt and de-rails any attempt from the beginning…

‘If I distance myself from work it means I don’t care’

‘I’m responsible for this client, I can’t just walk away’

‘People will think I’m not a team player if I stop answering emails immediately’

‘Nothing will get done without me’

But consider why you’re even thinking about boundaries in the first place…

Boundaries create the right environment for you to do your job well and to get the best results

They create clarity for you and others about what is acceptable and what will help you do your job

They give you the space you need to remain physically and emotionally healthy enough to thrive both professionally and personally

They ultimately give both you and the organisation the best results

That is not selfish


When setting boundaries, think about –

The results you want both personally and professionally

What it is that will help you achieve this

Focusing on this will make the process a lot easier

There may be other emotions aside from guilt that come up as you go through this – fear, anxiety, confusion.

But again, I’d urge you to consider what you’re trying to achieve and what you need in place to do that and work through those emotions that come up without judgement.


Having boundary drama? Drop me a line, I might be able to help

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