Get promoted in 2022!

Unfortunately hard work alone doesn’t guarantee career success

I help professionals understand what it is they need to do to progress to the next level at work and create the perfect plan to get there!

Build confidence, find your strengths, develop your mindset

Take part in my six week 1 to 1 coaching programme and see how your working life changes for the better…

Six weeks of coaching for just £480 to get your career back on track

How do you get there?

  1. Awareness – Start examining who you are at work. What are you doing? How are you feeling? How are you acting? What are you doing well? What could you be doing better? Write it all down. Try and get really specific as the more you understand yourself, the easier it is to work out what needs to be done.
  2. Build a business case – work out where you add value for your organisation. Try and make this as tangible as possible. How do you contribute to the company’s bottom line? What do you do that retains clients?
  3. Find a sponsor – you’ll need some people to vouch for you, especially in those behind the scenes conversations!
  4. Pick your moment – Once you’ve assessed who you are, how you fit into the company, the value you add and the people who are rooting for you, pick the right moment for the conversation.

Need help with this?

Book your free consult session today…

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