You are allowed to be happy

One of the best life lessons you can ever learn is that you are allowed to be happy even when life sucks

I am far from happy all the time, my brain is usually telling me a story about how I’ve messed up or that there’s danger ahead

…and life is always 50/50 anyway, but I at least give myself a fighting chance nowadays…


You are allowed to be happy even if you aren’t where you want to be in your career yet

You are allowed to be happy even if your job is stressful

If people around you are being difficult

If you didn’t get the opportunity you were hoping would come your way

If you screw up and make a mistake

You are allowed to be happy

If you wait for your life or career to be perfect before allowing yourself to be happy you will have a long wait…


Ok, but HOW? I hear you scream!

By acknowledging there are some things that you don’t like and that it is ok to be sad or frustrated about those things. But then also acknowledging that these things don’t take away your right to feel some happiness anyway.

If you make a mistake at work you can feel both frustrated with the mistake, but also allow for other, positive feelings to be in your life too

You can choose to let the light back in again.

You can choose to focus on new thoughts and bring the happiness back in.

At least allow yourself that opportunity instead of beating yourself up.

If you are still unsure whether this is possible then that’s a good sign you need a coach! I can 100% help you with this and show you how to embrace happiness, even in times of difficulty.

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