Freedom at work

Freedom and work have become a hot topic lately, with the physical office becoming a centrepiece of contention.

But if you are someone who is craving more freedom at work, I’d ask you to get curious about what is within your control that can move you closer to that feeling?

Some years ago before hybrid working became a buzz word I negotiated three months working ‘from home’ in Berlin as it was a city I was fascinated with. Some people at the time thought this was a bit of an outrageous ask, but my company agreed – its amazing what happens when you actually come up with a plan and ask the question!

Often we create the barriers in our own minds when they aren’t really there.

Another area to get curious about is how your working day looks and whether you can alter this so that it feels more like ‘freedom’. This could be turning off your emails for a few hours so that you work to your own rhythm, rather than being dictated to by external inputs.

Or perhaps you could get curious about how to create the space for your family. Maybe this is attending the your son’s assembly once a month and making a choice that work comes second on these occasions.

You can start testing those boundaries

Start asking questions of yourself and your workplace and see how you can start moving your working life further towards the freedom you are craving.

If you aren’t sure how to do this in your own work life right now, get in touch, I’m sure I can help you.

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