More freedom, more purpose, more time

For many of us the treadmill stopped during Covid.

No commute. No expectation to be in the office all the time. More time with our families. More time for ourselves.

For me this meant time for exercise instead of sitting on the tube, lunchtime walks, and not missing important deliveries.

It wasn’t a bed of roses.

But getting back on that treadmill again clearly isn’t easy…and for many simply not at all desirable.

So what next?

It’s important you give some thought to what you want your own life to look and feel like. Forget what your employer is saying for a minute

You don’t have to give all your power over to your employer – and no I do not mean quitting, breaking company policies or fighting battles – I mean starting by looking at what you have control over and what you can change

What is it you want?

If it is freedom – ask yourself how can I feel more free?

If it is purpose – ask yourself how can I find more purpose in my own life?

If it is more time with your kids – ask yourself how can I create more time with my kids?

I’ve worked with people over the last few months doing exactly this.

Their results have come completely independently of what their employer might be doing or saying.

Their results have started with what they are doing and saying to themselves

Their employer hasn’t changed their attitude or their policies, but change has come nonetheless

If you want to find more freedom, more purpose and more time for the things you love in your life, get in touch to find out more about how this is possible for you

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