Number one tip to reduce burnout!

If, like me, you come up against overwhelm and get on that path to burnout way too easily, probably with a healthy dose of procrastination thrown in, then there’s one thing you are really going to have to get the hang of…

Creating boundaries…

It sounds easy doesn’t it, “oh, just put in place a boundary”, but what does that really mean?

It took me a while to work it out, and it took a lot of practice!

Start by thinking about some of the specific things that are driving you mad right now at work…

Perhaps you are always staying late?

Do you ALWAYS say yes when a colleague asks for help?

Do you allow meetings to be scheduled back to back ALL day long?

Do you not stop until your work is done to 100%?

Whatever it is for you…think of a way you could resolve that…for instance…

  • Commit to finishing work early one day a week
  • Say ‘no’ next time you’re asked to do something that isn’t your job
  • Add ‘no meetings’ into your diary slots and stuck to it
  • Do your next piece of work to 80% instead of 110%

This WILL FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE, but that’s where the practice comes in. Practice feeling uncomfortable now to maintain the boundary BEFORE you head face first into burnout.

Look after yourself NOW even though it is uncomfortable to help your future self

You can live with the discomfort, I promise you!

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