When consistency should be your only goal

What do you want to achieve? You’ve probably got something in mind – it could be work related, health related, relationship focused or money.

Maybe you’ve written this goal down and created a plan.

Maybe you’ve visualised your goal and are tracking your progress towards it.

This is all great, but it can put a lot of pressure on. What if you don’t achieve your weight goal this week, or the money you thought would flow in hasn’t come? What if the weight of the end goal is keeping you stuck in procrastination and fear?

That’s when consistency as a goal can really help.

Instead of focusing on progress towards an end goal, focus on a few daily or weekly steps you will consistently take and celebrate those as your goal. Make these your goal, not just the process.

Here are some examples to illustrate what I mean:

Traditional goal: Get fit enough to run 5k
Consistency goal: Go for a run at 5pm every Tuesday

Traditional goal: Attract 5 new clients this month
Consistency goal: Reach out to 5 new potential leads every day

Traditional goal: Build up my confidence to lead an all-staff meeting at work
Consistency goal: Practice 3 confidence techniques every day

Traditional goal: Get promoted at work this year
Consistency goal: Spend an hour each morning prioritising my tasks for greatest impact

Work out your consistency goal and write it down: Make that your focus

The consistency goal might not sound as exciting, but often that is exactly what we need. Knowing my goal is to go for a run at 5pm every Tuesday feels so much nicer than the pressure of needing to run 5k to achieve my goal, I can go into it with a sense of confidence and calmness. Now I can celebrate every Tuesday as that goal is achieved.

I’ve maximised my chance of progress and that feels great.

Looking to reset your goals to maximise your progress, not sure where to start? Get in touch, I know I can help

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