It’s probably not that deep…

If you’re anything like me you are probably extremely harsh on yourself when you keep putting things off or you’re not making the progress you were hoping for.

You think it means something about you – maybe you’re lazy, or not good enough, or you compare yourself to others and think that they can do it easily while you’re struggling.

You start to convince yourself there’s something wrong with you, that it will always be this way and that you’ll always be a ‘procrastinator’.

The truth, however, is very very different. There’s probably a very simple reason why you are procrastinating that has nothing to do with any defect within you.

Perhaps it is one of these reasons:

It’s difficult

You don’t know how to do it

You don’t have all the information you need

You’re scared of getting it wrong

You don’t believe it is worth trying

You don’t really want it

You’re scared of failing

Ultimately something is likely to be creating a stress trigger that is causing you to reach for an easier option to relieve that stress. This is normal, this is ok, there’s nothing wrong with you.

So what’s the solution?

A deep breath.

Remind yourself that nothing has gone wrong.

Commit to doing just five minutes of whatever it is you are putting off.

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