Overthinking is your superpower

Many of us identify as overthinkers. This might manifest itself in many different ways, do any of these sound familiar?

  • Not speaking up until you are 1000% sure you are right
  • Unable to make a decision until you’ve got ALL the information… and then some more
  • Overwhelm leading to procrastination
  • Anxious when waking up in the morning, thinking about work all night

We are programmed to notice the negative first, it is what, historically, kept us safe. But those days are gone…you’re not about to get eaten by a bear if you walk out of the cave, I promise you!

So why not spend some time focusing on the positives?

Download my tips to embracing overthinking at work and how you too can make this your superpower and what career options might just be perfect for you!

Tracey is a warm, patient, completely non-judgemental, inspirational coach, who puts you at ease from the first; I’ve so enjoyed working with her – and have felt tangible benefits across my whole approach to life, from increased confidence to an enhanced sense of optimism about the future. 

Kathryn Gray, Poet, Freelance Writer and Editor

Let’s make your overthinking something beautiful…

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