Here are some of the resources I’ve found most valuable over the years and I think they could help you too…

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Russ Harris

All of the videos on this site, but especially the Struggle Switch and The Happiness Trap…learning to accept my anxiety and not struggle against it and make it a tonne times worse has been a journey worth embarking on. Also a great, short YouTube clip on saying hello! to negative emotions and then moving on…such a great technique I use ALL the time

Brene Brown

Brene Brown has so much to offer that this link is just the tip of the iceberg, but I learnt so much about the mechanics of burnout from this podcast episode that I had to share…

FREE meditation and mindfulness

Insight Timer gives you access to so many wonderful and varied meditation, mindfulness and general yummy goodness sessions that you can’t fail to find something you love and will keep on repeat

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Emotion Wheel

Finding and naming your emotions isn’t as easy as it seems.

I use an emotion wheel nearly every morning when I’m trying to reflect on the day before and it alleviates a lot of head scratching when I struggle to pinpoint how I’m actually feeling

There are loads out there on Google, but I like this one…

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Morning yoga

This is my favourite yoga session to do in the morning – the instructor keeps calling it gentle and relaxing but if you’re new to yoga it is anything but that! But sooo good!

And once you’ve mastered that, try this one with the same instructor:

Want help using these resources to achieve your dreams?

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